Charlotte & Jakob Sullestad • Kropladsen 11 • Sønderho • 6720 Fanø • Tlf. +45 7516 4009 •
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A visit to the island Fanø and the village Sønderho
is like stepping back in time,
the breathtaking silence, 
one single country road, petite thatched houses, 
dunes, heath and plantation as far as the eye can see.

A cosy inn on the south side of the island
fulfills the idyllic scenery.

Sønderho Kro founded in 1722
is one of the oldest and most well preserved inns in Denmark situated just a few steps from the dike in the heart of Sønderho
 with a view to the marsh and the tidal area
which is entirely unique.

The restaurant is quite superb and well preserved
in its originality with historic interiors.

The inn has 14 lovely and individually decorated room 
which are all different in size and design.
All rooms are named after good Sønderho ships 
or names relating to the former inn-keepers' family.

If you choose a stay at the inn with 1/2 pension,
you will each night
 be served a new and exciting 3 course gourmet menu,
chef's choice.

Your host couple, Charlotte & Jakob Sullestad,
and their staff will do everything possible
to make your stay at the inn an unforgettable experience.

Lunch may be enjoyed inside
or in the lovely garden on a warm summer day. 
The inn has its own smoking chamber
where we smoke fish, poultry, lamb etc.
You will find these specialities on the varied lunch menu. 
Dinner is enjoyed in the restaurant
in one of our unique rooms
where our guests are offered an evening menu 
with the best raw products of the season. 

We have a varied wine list
with selected wines from the whole world.
Every day we arrange a wine menu tailor-made
for the dinner menu.